Feature-EarthRecognizing everything as spirit is a lifelong journey and within the grasp of each and every human being.  It is up to us to remember who we are and through our life’s events, we are constantly given opportunities to connect with our spiritual self. It is available to each and every one of us- if we are willing.

World religions cite the importance to reconcile our relationship to Spirit or our Source. Every religion or philosophy has its own definition. The intention of the Psychology of Vision is not to define it for you or to replace it. Psychology of Vision is non-denominational and encourages your relationship with Spirit holistically and practically with daily results.

Spirituality is a journey of acknowledging our intimacy with a greater Loving goodness and knowing that all of us are part of it. This part of the Mind is experienced as benignly helpful and intelligent. There is a reality where you see everyone as equal and part of you and one mind, one spirit. This engenders happiness and joy and we feel a commitment to a greater guiding wholeness which we all are in the process of realizing. This is invigorating and gives life a sense of exciting purpose and meaning. You become joyfully happy.

Psychology of Vision Trainers work on the spiritual level in every session, workshop or event they teach. Choose the event that appeals to you the most and you will have an opportunity to deepen your experience and understanding of spirituality.


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