Principles of Psychology of Vision






1) Whenever there is a problem or conflict, there has to be a better way. Even in the most difficult situations, there is always a solution that allows everyone to win. Love, joining, forgiveness, communication, cooperation, and choice will lead us through.

2) The world is our mirror. Anything we do to others, we do to ourselves first. We can only accuse others of something that we believe we are doing ourself. We make our own reality and write our own stories. Conflicts with others reflect conflicts within ourselves. By resolving our inner issues, we automatically resolve the problems in our world.

3) Anything that happens to us serves our purpose. When painful events occur, we typically have hidden the awareness of the purpose of the events from ourselves. Through accountability, we gain the power to make another choice, and to change what we do not like in our world.

4) No one can do anything to us that we are not already doing to ourselves. No one can do anything to us that we are not also, at some level, doing to others.

5) As we change our beliefs, we change our patterns. Our direction in life comes from our attitude, which is the result of our continuous choices toward the same end.

6) We are always in the perfect place to learn the lesson we most need to learn in order to heal and grow. Our most painful experiences, once they are healed, become the greatest gifts to ourselves and to others.

7) We construct either heaven or hell on earth, depending on what we give to our relationships. They are the means to create transformation. To bond with others and heal relationships creates an accelerated path of growth, because healing the distance between ourselves and those around us heals problems.

8) Leadership lets nothing be more important than answering the calls for help around us. As we recognize that our best interest and the best interest of others are always the same, we move ourselves forward. To have true success, everyone’s interests must be served. If anyone is the “bad guy,” everyone loses. It is essential to keep communicating until everyone wins.

9) Problems are opportunities to heal the pain of the past, disguised as the pain of the present. All healing is part of our general purpose; it leads us towards our personal purpose. It is never too late to have a happy childhood. This recognizes that all pain is a misunderstanding. As problems are solved, understanding is brought to past and present circumstances, and our history and our future change for the better.

10) The key to our fulfillment is to live our purpose. Embracing our destiny is the best gift we can give the world. Our personal destiny and purpose is to help the world in a way that is unique to us.

11) All manner of pain and suffering are washed away by love, when empathic “joining” between two or more people occurs. By transcending personal barriers we can become “one” with others, and experience the higher states of consciousness in which pain can no longer exist.

12) Relationships are the fundamental building blocks of life. Given that relationships are the fundamental building blocks of life, i the path of relationships is an evolutionary path. From this, it would also hold that every problem is, at some level a relationship problem.

13) We are on an evolutionary path to realize that we are Spirit, on the way to Oneness. Receiving grace and miracles is the easiest way to move toward that aim.

14) Whatever our circumstances, however we see things, the answer is always in healing. It is what we have come for.

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