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personaldevelopment12“Realigning our thoughts with our soul and our soul with our spirit”

The most powerful healing tool from the Psychology of Vision model is the principle that the world is our mirror and what we see and experience is what is being reflected. The good news is that if we are willing, we can heal that. Working on oneself is the commitment to self, family and humanity to clear the way for all.

Psychology of Vision Trainers offer workshops in their geographic area but are available to travel to other parts of the country. Currently Chuck Spezzano presents workshops in the Vancouver area once or twice a year. The Steps to Leadership Program is offered by facilitators in various areas and it is also available as an online program. The 100-Day Program is for anyone interested in having a deep understanding of the Psychology of Vision and it leads to the Mastery Program and the Trainers Program.

Personal & Spiritual Development Programs being offered:

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