ParentingBeing a conscious parent is the greatest blessing and the greatest challenge on the planet. As a parent, we are asked to look at ourselves, to change ourselves and to deal with situations we have never dreamed of. We are taken from the heights of joy and love to the depths of fear and confusion. As a parent, we add a significant dimension to this journey we call life.

Our children have come to be our teachers, to teach us again about our own childhoods and to help us learn important lessons of life. If we are willing to learn from this relationship, we can avoid some of the traps our families fell into, traps that may have left us feeling that the causes of unhappiness and dysfunction in our lives are a result of how we were parented. Typically, we try to hide these dynamics by being independent and dissociated but this only passes on the problems to the next generation. Psychology of Vision supports us to bring fresh awareness to the events that happened in our lives and to let go of negativity from our past.

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