Introduction to Trainers

Psychology of Vision Trainers are from many walks of life and hail from many different countries. The trainers have dedicated themselves to personal transformation and growth.

Each Psychology of Vision Trainer has completed 100 days of workshop training including at least 30 days accumulated during 10-day apprenticeship trainings with Chuck and Lency Spezzano. This requires great commitment and often unreal levels of courage to look deeply within themselves.

Any graduate of the 100-Day Program who feels called to this model can apply to the Training Program. They will be given feedback by their peers and receive feedback on their more hidden behaviours which they are asked to look at. Having completed this process, they are welcomed into the group of dedicated Psychology of Vision Trainers. But this is not the end. Even within the program, they are asked to continue their growth and dedicate themselves to a life of learning and giving.

The wisdom that comes from this learning is what they are asked to share with their family, friends and the world. We salute them.


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