Chuck and Lency Our Founders

chuck-and-lencyChuck Spezzano, Ph. D., and Lency Spezzano, M.S., are the founders of Psychology of Vision, a transpersonal model of healing that employs cutting-edge psychological tools and methodology, and wields the miraculous power of grace. Psychology of Vision centres around three core elements: relationships, leadership (answering the calls for help) and nondenominational spiritual development.

The Spezzanos have taught seminars in India, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain. Between them they have authored 29 books (with more in the works) in 19 countries. Given their training and skills, it is important to them to devote time training others in the healing arts and the skills needed to be a trainer and coach. There are currently 50 Psychology of Vision Trainers who teach worldwide. In workshops, issues regarding relationships, family, health, money, accountability, sexuality, substance abuse, trauma and problem solving are healed and spiritual awakening is activated.

Both Chuck and Lency have done extensive research into the subconscious mind (family and relationship patterns), the personal unconscious (ancestral and soul issues), the collective unconscious of humanity, the collective ego (the principle of separation), the astral (the dark unconscious) and the fall (the dream of separation). Besides developing dozens of healing methods and techniques, Dr. Spezzano has constructed the Steps to Oneness, a psychological and spiritual map of the evolutionary steps and stages one encounters on the way to the experience of Oneness. Over the years, Lency Spezzano has created and evolved the Joining method, which uses grace to release participants from their inner suffering, connect them with the divine, and carry them into spiritual awakening.

The Psychology of Vision, which is a path of the heart, has four major charities.

Since coming under the patronage of Psychology of Vision, an orphanage in Kerala, India has built a second orphanage, a school, a hospital, a dental clinic, a community college, homes for widows and the aged, a leper colony, village stores, a vocational placement program, and many community projects that care for the surrounding 25 villages.

The second Psychology of Vision charity is its First Nations (aboriginal) Program, which operates primarily in Western Canada. This program provides travel and board for First Nations people to receive Psychology of Vision training, which promotes the development of First Nations PoV Trainers, who take the work into First Nations communities.

The third charity provides support and involvement in an AIDS hospice in Zambia and the development of community wells to provide clean water.

The fourth charity provides seminars in Bangladesh and micro business loans for qualifying women.

The Spezzanos and their students worldwide provide financial aid to support all four charities.

The Spezzanos’ greatest inspirations come from A Course in Miracles.

Chuck Spezzano has worked 38 years in the healing profession, travelling internationally since 1980 to teach his developing psychological model. Lency Spezzano has worked 31 years in the healing profession, developing many programs and services for deaf people. She also created Honolulu’s Hugs program for children with life threatening illnesses.

Chuck and Lency live in Hawaii. They have two grown children.

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