About Psychology of Vision

Feature-Abstract03Psychology of Vision is both a healing model and a global community of like-minded people teaching and practising that model.

Psychology of Vision is a path of the heart that has helped tens of thousands of people around the world through seminars, one-to-one coaching and products and publications. It has helped people improve their lives, their relationships and their health by giving them an understanding of themselves and others, and giving them insights into the events in their lives. It is a model that teaches emotional intelligence through a remembering of Self.

Psychology of Vision is founded on established transformative principles and non-denominational spirituality, allied to practical tools and techniques developed in seminars over 30 years. It offers a profoundly different way to live our lives based on the core values of love, forgiveness, grace, joining, friendship, community, equality and mutuality.

The Psychology of Vision model is made up of three major elements – Relationships, Leadership and Spirituality. Relationships, because of their essential importance in our healing and happiness. Leadership, because helping others is an effective way to help ourselves and the world. And Spirituality, because recognition of ourselves as spirit is the goal of our journey through life.

Psychology of Vision goes beyond traditional views of psychology and self-help in both depth and scope. It presents a visionary paradigm that inspires creativity, purpose, happiness, fulfillment and meaning. We can go beyond the “limitations” of our nationality, culture, class, religious strictures and family “traps” to be leaders in our communities, expressing our gifts and giving permission to those around us to express theirs.

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