September 2019 Workshop with Chuck Spezzano!

Dr. Chuck Spezzano
Sunshine Coast Workshop in Sechelt, BC

September 11 to 15, 2019

This workshop offers practical tools that could transform your life and relationships

Admission (all prices incl. workshop and celebration banquet)

5-Day Workshop – $1400
Early BIrd (before June 30)  – $1250
100 day POV grads – $1100
Early BIrd (before June 30)  – $950
First Nations – $750
First Nations Early Bird (before June 30) – $550

Group discounts are available.  Contact us for details.


shíshálh Community Hall, Sechelt, BC, Canada

“Helping another is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life. It both gives us meaning and it unites us. Friendship is a necessary step on the way to Oneness.” 

—Chuck Spezzano



Chuck and Lency have spent the last 45 years helping people heal their lives and transform relationships. Together they founded Psychology of Vision, a global community and healing model. They write books and articles, teach seminars around the world, at their home in Hawaii, and continue to be leaders in new and innovative healing work.

This model is based on principles found in A Course Of Miracles

“No matter how dark things look, there is always a way out. If you and everyone around you cannot find that way, ask for a miracle. Ask your higher mind for help. It is there waiting for an indication that you are willing. Then it can begin to inspire and to show you the way to achieve grace. You are too precious to lose. There is a way through. Your heart is too precious to lose. There is a way out of your pain.” 

—Chuck Spezzano, Wholeheartedness: If It’s Heartbreak, It Can Be Healed


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